2017 here I come!


Rise is currently at 85 ratings with a 4.0 average on Goodreads. Holy crap. It probably won’t last long – one 3 star will bring it under, but for now it feels good.

I wish I could draw. Then I would do sketches of key scenes. But I just can’t put on paper what’s in my head. My mother is an artist and teaches art, as are my sister and cousin who both went to Syracuse U for art degrees. My grandmother was a museum curator most of her life.┬áMe? Not so much. I was given my father’s musicality and words instead.

My 2016 goal was to get traditionally published, and I did. Now, for 2017 my goal is to get Queen an agent. I’ve had way too much interest and positive feedback to give up on it. Yes, the writing needs work, but I have a CP now and I will get it there. I have to.

So here’s to everyone’s 2017 resolutions: good luck!



Nobody reads the five star reviews.


When you go on Goodreads to check out book reviews, do you read the five stars or do you skip down to the lower ones who might give a more critical opinion?

Sometimes, I feel like five star reviews get a bad rap. This is why I don’t rate books on my review blog, and I don’t like rating on Goodreads, though I do it anyway to support the authors. I know how important those little stars are.

So what’s the point of reviewing books anyway?

In my opinion, it’s not to criticize a book. A reviewer’s goal shouldn’t be to discourage or even encourage readers on a particular piece of writing.

Reviews should be to find a proper audience for said book.

If you hated a book, there is someone out there who loved it. If you loved a book, there’s someone out there who hated it. Your job isn’t to convince them it was a great (or horrible) book with your review, it should be to show why you think what you think, and let your readers decide if it’s something they are interested in.

I like reading book reviews because I like seeing other people’s opinions, and it expands my own opinion by seeing things I didn’t see before. Usually, I only read reviews after reading a book, unless I discover a book through a blog review, and sometimes it boggles my mind as to how different my own opinion is from others. And some reviews just make me sad for the author. No one who has put in the time and effort to write a book should be belittled or put down for it.

I write reviews so I can match the perfect reader to the perfect book because there’s nothing better than finding a book that makes you happy.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is words matter.

Happy reviewing!