Attack of the Griefers is now LIVE – plus a contest!


Attack of the Griefers, book 2 of the Glitcher series is now available!

Red and his friends are back in a brand new action-packed adventure! From the author of the Unofficial Minecraft Early Reader Stories comes the second installment of the Glitcher series for ages 7-12.

There’s a new glitcher in town – and he’s throwing the Overworld into chaos. When strange things start to happen, from hordes of creepers to raining ocelots, it’s up to Red and his friends to find the person responsible and end the craziness. Together again, they travel to the Griefer Hall of Fame and make a list of possible suspects. Will they figure out which griefer has taken on the abandoned mantle of The Glitcher and stop him once and for all?

What can make it better? A contest of course! Just submit a screenshot of your favorite griefer from the book for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Ender Toys! Click here to enter!


Trapped in the Tutorial: An Unofficial Minecraft Glitcher Novel


Red is a seasoned adventurer, but he is not prepared to be transported to the mysterious biome of the Tutorial. An invisible wall surrounds it, and the only way to freedom is to complete the provided instructions. However, Red soon realizes everything is not as it seems. He must make friends, save strangers, and fight against all odds to solve his dilemma and get back home.

It’s live!

Yes! This is a brand new series for ages 7-12! I’m excited (and a little scared) to get something out there that’s not a picture book. Less than 24 hours live and it already had two 5 star reviews on Goodreads, and hopefully  will have some on Amazon soon as well!

Check out my Amazon giveaway if you’re interested!

Free books? Yes please!


I’m doing another promotion on Amazon! This time, Tame That Cat! is free this weekend. I’ve also discounted the rest of the series, starting with Steve Saves the Day for 99 cents.

Strangely enough, even though I’ve sold over a thousand copies, I have yet to receive one review on any of the five books. Amazon’s response is ‘we can’t tell you why’. Sigh.

I also took a set to the local library, and the lady there was SO EXCITED about having Minecraft books for kids she asked me if I could come in a do a reading sometime. How awesome is that? I can’t wait!

Overall, this self-publishing thing is going pretty well and I’m not so afraid of doing that for my other novels now.