The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead


Ok, so I know this is going to sound horrible, but I almost didn’t pick this up because of the cover. It’s really creepy and I’m taken aback every time I see it.

But, I enjoyed The Selection and the premise of this novel was everything I love in a guilty pleasure sort of way. A royal girl pretends to be a maid to avoid an arranged marriage and escapes to a place far away? Yes please.

And I loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, I’m going to pick up the next one. I loved that it broke away from the romantic couple only accepting love at the end Beauty and Beast style trope. I loved that we actually saw characters transform throughout it. And there is so much more to find out. So many intriguing details I can’t wait to sift through.

It’s a fairy-tale but without magic, which I wasn’t expecting since it was compared to The Selection. I really have nothing to criticize, it was that good for me! Now if only one came out with an F/F and I’d be in heaven.

Overall, a great book if you’re into this sort of thing like I am.

I Hope You Find Me by Trish Marie Dawson


As someone who reads (and writes) post-apocalyptic stories, this one took me by surprise. In a good way.

Here’s the thing. When I pick my books, I only read the ‘hook’ aka first sentence or two of the description and make my decision right then and there. I only have time for x amount of books a year, and my to-read list is a mile wide so if I’m not hooked from the get-go it’s probably not going to get read.

Anyway, in this book I saw post-apocalypse, virus, woman’s children die in her arms and she goes to find somewhere to live while leaving notes for others to find her. Interesting premise so I figured I’d give it a shot.

What I did not expect, however, was the major difference between this book and every other post-apocalypse scenario I’ve encountered in the past. The dead don’t become zombies or monsters. They become…something else I can’t say without spoilers. Something terrifying because it’s not at all unbelievable.

There was a point where I actually started to psych myself out because I was alone (my husband went out with some friends) and a part came where I debated putting the book down and wishing he would come home. Crazy, I know.

Aside from the horror, it’s also partially a romance. I was glad for the lack of corniness, which made the romance part realistic. Very little eye-rolling and a lot of feels.

I’m really glad I read this one, and I think if you’re into the post-apocalyptic scenario¬†you will not be disappointed. It’s very well written and gives a whole new perspective to the genre.