The Devil’s Advocate by Michaela Haze


Oh. My. God. This book.

First off, I LOVE this cover. It’s sexy and dangerous and just wow.

Second off, I LOVED this book. It’s sexy and dangerous and…you see where I’m going with this.

Dahlia Clark is a Hell Broker. You want to sell your soul, she’s your girl.
The only problem? She’s not seen her boss, Luc, in over two centuries.
Not since he forced her out of hell. But the Devil wants Dahlia back, whatever the cost.

The best part, for me, about this book, was that it reminded me so much of the Lucifer DC comics. It’s dark and gritty with sex and violence, sometimes indiscernible from each other. There are no good guys or bad guys. Everyone is trying to survive, and maybe find some happiness in the process.

I also loved that it didn’t shy away from doing what had to be done. Sometimes I did feel like some of the characters should have realized some things earlier, but it all resolved itself eventually. The setting was really cool too. I enjoyed this book so much, in fact, that I not only bought it (I got this as an ARC) but I preordered the next one.

If you’re into paranormal romances with the Devil this is definitely a great book to check out. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure read, graphic and abusive, but also emotional and passionate. I can’t wait to read the next one!


The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead


Ok, so I know this is going to sound horrible, but I almost didn’t pick this up because of the cover. It’s really creepy and I’m taken aback every time I see it.

But, I enjoyed The Selection and the premise of this novel was everything I love in a guilty pleasure sort of way. A royal girl pretends to be a maid to avoid an arranged marriage and escapes to a place far away? Yes please.

And I loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, I’m going to pick up the next one. I loved that it broke away from the romantic couple only accepting love at the end Beauty and Beast style trope. I loved that we actually saw characters transform throughout it. And there is so much more to find out. So many intriguing details I can’t wait to sift through.

It’s a fairy-tale but without magic, which I wasn’t expecting since it was compared to The Selection. I really have nothing to criticize, it was that good for me! Now if only one came out with an F/F and I’d be in heaven.

Overall, a great book if you’re into this sort of thing like I am.

I Hope You Find Me by Trish Marie Dawson


As someone who reads (and writes) post-apocalyptic stories, this one took me by surprise. In a good way.

Here’s the thing. When I pick my books, I only read the ‘hook’ aka first sentence or two of the description and make my decision right then and there. I only have time for x amount of books a year, and my to-read list is a mile wide so if I’m not hooked from the get-go it’s probably not going to get read.

Anyway, in this book I saw post-apocalypse, virus, woman’s children die in her arms and she goes to find somewhere to live while leaving notes for others to find her. Interesting premise so I figured I’d give it a shot.

What I did not expect, however, was the major difference between this book and every other post-apocalypse scenario I’ve encountered in the past. The dead don’t become zombies or monsters. They become…something else I can’t say without spoilers. Something terrifying because it’s not at all unbelievable.

There was a point where I actually started to psych myself out because I was alone (my husband went out with some friends) and a part came where I debated putting the book down and wishing he would come home. Crazy, I know.

Aside from the horror, it’s also partially a romance. I was glad for the lack of corniness, which made the romance part realistic. Very little eye-rolling and a lot of feels.

I’m really glad I read this one, and I think if you’re into the post-apocalyptic scenario you will not be disappointed. It’s very well written and gives a whole new perspective to the genre.